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Musical Theatre Rep Coaching

Slide for Testimonials:
"I absolutely LOVE coaching, helping performers to unlock their songs to give them fresh new life. I find it extremely gratifying to help someone achieve their next goal, whether that be in preparation for a big audition, getting into drama school, explore a new part of their voice, or simply helping them discover new repertoire.
Below, you can read a breakdown of all the coaching options I offer, so you can work out which is the right fit for you. I have expanded the options as much as I can, so I hopefully offer something for every need and budget."

- Jordan Li-Smith

BESPOKE 1-1 COACHING (In-Person and Online)

This is self-structured private coaching - totally bespoke and guided by you and your needs. Think of it like this; you have a choice of either a 30 or 60-minute session. Within the time you‘ve chosen, you have several building blocks in which to build your session:

  • Audition Prep
  • Acting Through Song
  • Rep Folder Clean-Up (and Repertoire Suggestions)
  • Vocal Reel Prep
  • Vocal Technique
Audition Prep

As a musical director, I have sat on many panels, as well as acted as audition pianist too. My audition prep coaching is based on my experiences from the room, giving you first hand advice and guidance to help you nail that audition. 


I can help you choose the right songs, find the right cuts and coach you on your choices. I can also check your sheet music - make sure it’s in the right key, make sure your cuts are clearly defined, guide you in how to explain your tempos accurately and concisely. All in all, help you to avoid any musical traps that you could easily fall into.

Tip - If you‘re on a budget, consider a 30-minute session. It may not sound like a long time, but if you come prepared, voiced already warmed up, knowing exactly what you need to do, you can cover a lot of ground.

Acting Through Song

I love getting into the nuts and bolts of a song, excavating the music/lyrics and helping you to create a refined and polished performance. I think it’s important to consider the ‘acting’ and ‘singing’ of a song in equal measure, one is co-dependant on the other. Therefore, I can help you to further understand the music/accompaniment of your song, and let this guide the dramatic intentions of the piece. Also, as a writer, I deeply feel that understanding the dramaturgy of a song (and I mean truly understanding its inner workings) will help elevate your performance.

Rep Folder Clean Up

I’m a real theatre nerd at heart, with a wide knowledge of the musical theatre repertoire. I’m often offering song suggestions and sharing info on shows and writers and theatre gone by. But, what I enjoy most is using this info practically to help you build your perfect rep folder.


A rep folder is a living document. It’s ever changing as your move through your career. Perhaps you have a collection of sheet music, but no cohesiveness or order? I can help you to build a folder from the ground up, find any missing spots or styles and focus on finding rep that fits you. Or maybe, you have a folder filled with so many songs, you don’t know where you are with it all! I can help you streamline your rep to the most essential, so you won’t be taking a suitcase of sheet music to every audition!

Tip: If we have worked together in the past, I already know your voice, so a 30 minute rep refresh can be incredibly useful (and cash saving too). If I haven’t had the pleasure of working with you yet, a longer session may be more beneficial, as you can perform some of the songs in your current rep, which will help me to think of interesting rep choices that will fit you perfectly.

Vocal Reel Prep

Reels are a specific beast of their own. First, you have to pick some great songs that show off what you can do, cut them and/or find specific moments you want to feature, structure an order that will keep the listener focused and interested... and that’s before you even get to the ‘coaching’ bit!  I’ll be able to help you to build your reel from the ground up and coach your performance. We'll discuss and decide the best songs for your reel, coach you on your choices, make any necessary cuts, and finally help you to source a wonderful recording studio to record your reel, if you haven’t found somewhere already.

If you need high-quality piano backing tracks for your reel, this is a separate service I also offer.

Vocal Technique

Of course, the bedrock to all of the above is safe vocal practice, helping you to find a healthy and efficient technique that can get you through eight shows a week (or more!). I have a background in both Estill and classical techniques, though I have always followed the latest vocal trends and information, thanks to my affiliations with some of the leading singing teachers and technicians in town. 


Whether you’re after a session of going back to the basics or building a technique from scratch, looking at a passage that requires specific work (such as belting or falsetto) or even help in performing and creating riffs, I’ll be able to help you.

Free Practice Tracks

Whichever way you choose to build your session, I can record note bashes and practice backing tracks during your session (or in the case of online sessions, prior, so you can sing to them in the session), and these are included with your session for free. 

Remember, this is your session, built by you. If you need 20 mins working on your rep folder, and then 40 mins to prep for an audition, you can have that! I have found all my students to have individual needs. By prepping ahead of time what you want to achieve, you’ll be able to use the time much more efficiently. 


If you are unsure what you need exactly, or what you need is unique or specific, please send in an email and I can help you plan your session.

Bespoke 1-1 Coaching is available In-Person on selected weekdays & Saturdays and Online on selected weekdays. 


Sometimes, having someone else to talk to who is also in this business we call theatre can be quite useful. Unsure of your next step? Have you come to a fork in the road, and into sure which path to pursue? Are the types of shows you're being seen for not the types of shows you want to be doing? 


This is a non-singing session, an informal chat, in which we can discuss where you currently are, where you want to get to, and how you’re going to get there. If you think I could be of some help, I’d be very happy to help you find your way.

This session is aimed at both performers and those seeking a career as a musical director or musical theatre writer.

Career Consultation is currently available Online only, on selected weekdays.


As you’ve seen above, booking a 1-1 session also includes practice and note bash tracks, perfect for practising. But sometimes, you need a high-quality backing track for a specific need like a vocal reel or an audition. I offer both Practice/Notebash Tracks and High-Quality MIDI Piano Backing Tracks for for reasonable prices.


I offer some package deals which enable you to block book sessions and receive a lovely discount too.


For Bespoke 1-1 Coaching, I have two packages:


The Full-Out package: Four 60-minute in-person or online sessions.


The Online package: Four 60-minute online sessions.


Each package is valid for two months, so you can use them weekly, monthly, or whenever you like from two months after purchase. The only difference is with the Full-Out, you can have each session either in person or online, and the Online is, as you guessed, online only.




  • Audition Prep

  • Acting Through Song

  • Rep Folder Clean Up

  • Vocal Reel Prep

  • Vocal Technique

  • Free Practice/Note bash Tracks

60-minute - £60
30-minute - £40
60-minute - £50
30-minute - £30


The Full Out Package
  • four 60-minute sessions
  • Valid for two months
  • In-Person or Online 
The Online Package 
  • Four 60-minute sessions
  • Valid for two months
  • Online only 



45-minute online consultation - £40

Practice Tracks & Note Bashes 


  • Practice & Learning

  • Personal use

from £5 per track​

High-Quality MIDI Piano Backing Tracks


  • Auditions

  • Vocal reels

  • Self-tapes

  • Performance

from £10 per track​

Student Discount is available on request for Bespoke 1-1 Coaching

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your session anytime until 48 hours before your booking. If you try to cancel within 48 hours before your session, you will be charged the full amount. No-shows will also be charged in full.

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