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Online 1-1 Coaching


£35 / £45


30 or 60 mins

Prep for your next audition and delve into the nuts and bolts of your songs.

Audition Prep

  • Choosing the right song.

  • Creating the perfect audition cut.

  • Understand how to explain your tempos and cuts to your accompanist.

Acting Through Song

  • Excavate the lyrics of your song.

  • Explore how the music can guide dramatic intention.

  • Understand your song's dramaturgy to refine and polish your performance.

Vocal Technique

  • Ensure safe vocal practice and develop a healthy and efficient technique.

  • Work on specific techniques such as mixing, belting and falsetto.

Rep Folder Check In

  • Locate exactly what styles your folder is lacking and spot any songs that show the same thing.

  • Streamline to a comfortable amount of songs.

  • Get song recommendations from a music director with a wide knowledge of MT repertoire.

Drama School Audition Prep

  • Choosing the right songs to showcase you at your best.

  • Help in considering which institutions to audition for.

  • Build your confidence with your performance.

Sessions take place via Zoom.

You will need to provide your own backing tracks for your session.

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