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Therapy The Musical

Therapy The Musical

Music by Jordan Li-Smith
Book & Lyrics by Ray Rackham
The musical where you, the audience, are the therapist. Who’s next for the therapist’s couch?

Therapy The Musical is a musical comedy where the audience takes the most important role; that of the therapist. The musical charts a year in the life of six individuals who enter into therapy. The childless Will and Andi have been unhappily married for almost ten years. Warren and Joe write musicals, but their recent collaboration has led to a major falling out, and they are now obligated by the courts to undertake counselling, or face jail. Karen is a wannabe sex addict and Ralph doesn’t really know what he wants. The audience follows them as the ever silent therapist, as they try to find happiness, contentment, or at the very least a sense of belonging in the “City that never sleeps”. 

Photography by Darren Bell
Therapy is currently in development


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