Better Day 

Better Day 

written for On Hope: A Digital Song Cycle

Music and lyrics by Jordan Li-Smith
Performed by Lauren Drew
Orchestration by Jordan Li-Smith and Will Arundell
Backing Track produced by Arundell Music Services
Buy the sheet music here (female and male keys):

Sneak peek at Therapy The Musical

So What

Music by Jordan Li-Smith & Lyrics by Ray Rackham
Performed by Belinda Wollaston
 Nick Hill: Guitars
Flick Chilton: Sax & Clarinet
Ben Burton: Drums
Sam Becker: Bass
Jordan Li-Smith: Piano
Recording Engineer & Mastering: John Merriman
Recorded at Crown Lane Studio, London
Video Production by West End Video

I Don't Want To Be Here

Book & Lyrics by Ray Rackham
Music by Jordan Li-Smith
Featuring Alistair Frederick, Tom Harrison, Madeline Jennings, Chris McGuigan, Anton Tweedale & Belinda Wollaston
Here's a sneak peak at Therapy's opening number!